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Get a 40% recurring commission for lifetime from every customer you refer

Become a FunEasyLearn Affiliate in 3 simple steps:
Step 1
Join our Program at
We implemented our Affiliate Program via, so first, you need to join it with an existing Paddle account or by creating a new one.
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Step 2
Contact us
To activate your application, contact us at [email protected] and tell us the email you have used to join the Affiliate Program. This way we will be able to activate your application and connect your Paddle and FunEasyLearn accounts.
Step 3
Start Sharing Links
Get your affiliate link & start sharing it with your audience on your website, blog or any other social network.
You can keep track of your customers and their transactions in your Paddle account in the "Affiliates" section.

Who can join the FunEasyLearn Affiliate Program?

Website owners



Why join the FunEasyLearn Affiliate Program?

40% Commission

Get a 40% commission from all the purchases made by your referred customers from our website.

Marketing Kit
Marketing Kit

Promote a high-quality product with high-quality materials – banners, images, etc.

30-Day Cookie

Receive a juicy comission for each purchase attributed to your URL during the 30-day cookie period.

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What is FunEasyLearn?

FunEasyLearn is a language learning app that teaches 34 languages from 62 mother tongues. It offers the most affordable subscriptions on the market and free learning opportunities. Developed by professionals, FunEasyLearn takes language learning to a whole new level combining various learning games with comprehensive vocabulary training. The app gives the chance to the speakers of 62 mother tongues (95% of world’s population) to learn foreign languages. No other apps offer such a variety of languages. This means that your audience will be interested in our app, and will have a good reason to pay for it.

Who is eligible for the FunEasyLean Affiliate Program?

Anyone interested in earning money by referring new clients are welcome to apply. If you have a channel that is aligned with our brand or you have an audience interested in language learning, you should start promoting and earning right now. Channels include: websites, blogs, Instagram, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

How does FunEasyLearn Affiliate Program work?

FunEasyLearn affiliates earn a 40% commission on each sale attributed to their account during a 30-day cookie period. When someone you refer to us purchases a subscription, you'll earn 40% not only on the initial purchase, but also on any recurring payments made.A qualifying sale includes:

  • Premium subscriptions
  • Lifetime subscriptions
  • You do not get a commission for the in-app purchases the referred users make, because these are untraceable

How can I sign up?

Just follow these simple steps:

  • 1.Register by filling in this form
  • 2.Check your inbox and confirm your email
  • 3.Contact us at [email protected] and tell us the email you have used to join the FunEasyLearn Affiliate Program
  • 4.Sign in and get access to your affiliate area
  • 5.Create your affiliate link
  • 6.Start promoting the app and get a commission for every person you've referred, who's made a purchase from our site

How can I promote it?

We’ll help you. We will send you exclusive marketing content, such as professionally-designed images, banners, logo, etc. Share this info and your own vision about our app on a blog, in a YouTube video, in Facebook or Instagram posts or a tweet. Tell them what they need to know, to become our clients. At the end of the day, it’s your audience and you know their preferences better than anyone else.

How much will I earn?

If the user you refer makes a purchase from the website, you will get a 40% recurring commission from the total sale. It means that you will get 40% from every single purchase the user makes from our website, and not just the first one.

How will I get paid?

Each month, Paddle will track your referrals by calculating the sales made through your affiliate URLs and you will get paid accordingly by Paddle.

Need more help?

Contact us on [email protected] with more questions.

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